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Research Project

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Dear Sir/ Madam Thanks for all your help and continued encouragement during the project. Research project was informative and worthwhile.Thank you team for such a nice experience which would help me in the future endeavors.
    Harvinder Khera
Indian Institute of Integrative Medicine, Jammu,
attended the program at Structure based drug design of P53 stabilizing dru

It was an informative research project as i learned alot about the computational approaches for drug discoveries and designing. Thanks for giving me this opportunity and for helping me to build my future career. Adding some phases will be interesting and informative such as drug target selection, Homology modeling ( in case of no protein structure available in PDB), virtual screening based on either structural similarity or pharmacophore similarity and protein 3D structure analysis. Special thanks for Prof. Asif for helping me in the research project and for his great efforts too.
    Moustafa Ahmed Mohammed
October university for modern sciences and arts university, Egypt,
attended the program at Online

it was a good learning experience while working on research project" Molecular Docking study of p38 MAP Kinase|Inhibitory study for discovery of new anti-inflammatory drugs"
    Dr Raj Kaushal
National Institute of Technology Hamirpur HP,
attended the program at Hamirpur HP India

I found this project is powerful, benefit and excellent.but it need more concern in theory.
    sofia ziada
University of Khartoum/ veterinary medicine,
attended the program at Sudan

It was a great experience working with the members of BioDiscovery Group ....Asif sir has been a constant support all through project and guided me with every single query I had was an amazing experience working hear.....hope I will get more chances to work with all you ....
    Harshita Agarwal
Amity institute of biotechnology,
attended the program at Delhi

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